Flashbacks, Memories and Dreams.
“Se tudo o que a gente quer é um pouco de paz, precisamos fazer barulho, quebrar o silêncio e lutar, contra o que nos incomoda.”

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Artcade Fire
Jean–Baptiste Carpeaux, Ugolino and His Sons
Arcade Fire, It’s Never Over (Oh Orpheus)

Quoting the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s website
"This (…) sculpture derives from the passage in which Dante describes the inprisonment in 1288 and subsequent death by starvation of the Pisan count Ugolino (…) and his offspring. Carpeaux depicts the moment when Ugolino, condemned to die of starvation, yields to the temptation to devour his children and grandchildren, who cry out to him:
Father eat thou of us, and stay
Our suffering: thou didst out being dress
In this sad flesh; now strip it all away”

Summer is literally right around the corner so i complied a playlist of cool songs that i will most probs listen to in the summer
enjoy! *sunglasses emoji face*

 listen here | x track listing here | x
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Somewhere (2010)Sofia Coppola

Sit me down,Shut me up,i’ll calm down,and i’ll get along with you.
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Somewhere (2010) dir. Sofia Coppola
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